Geoffrey Beene has added a new chapter to its legendary company history by creating a philanthropic future with GBGB Geoffrey Beene Gives Back®.

100% of Net Profits from Geoffrey Beene, LLC fund critical philanthropic causes that make a world of difference. This innovative philanthropic approach is a company pledge across the Geoffrey Beene brand that today encompasses a world of products as singular as they are diverse: Dress Shirts to Signature Sportswear, Suits and Neckwear to Formal Wear, Knitwear to Loungewear, Dress Trousers to Casual Pants, Accessories, Fragrance and Eyewear. The Geoffrey Beene brand ranks as the #1 best-seller in a number of product categories sold in department stores nationwide:

  • #1 brand for men’s designer dress shirts for more than a decade
  • #1 brand for designer neckwear
  • #1 brand for men’s sweaters
  • #1 brand for men’s designer jewelry

Watch All The Ways That Geoffrey Beene Gives Back®


Clothes That Care

Woven into every new garment and accessory is our
company’s pledge to support a better future for all of
us through GBGB Geoffrey Beene Gives Back®.



Geoffrey Beene Gives Back

All net profits from Geoffrey Beene, LLC together with the Geoffrey Beene Foundation fund philanthropic causes that support initial-stage, out-of-the-box revolutionary research for treatments and prevention across all cancers as well as awareness and research for Alzheimer's, heart disease, scholarships, programs for veterans, protection of women and children and protection of animals.

100% of Net Profits from Geoffrey Beene, LLC Fund Critical Causes

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